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At Ground Texas Construction, our goal is to exceed expectations. When it comes to the industry’s proven methods in lime stabilization, underground utilities, landscaping, concrete and slab services, Ground Texas Construction sets the bar. We have the talent, the tools and the equipment to ensure client satisfaction on each and every project. Our objective is whatever your needs, we get it done right and on-time.

We have decades of experience with a focus on:





Overall performance

We are the only company that provides the most complete service package for any project. We absolutely strive to be the leader in our industry. As communities grow, so do their construction needs. From underground utilities to landscaping, we provide quality workmanship based on a reputation of excellence.

Our core beliefs

We believe in building relationships with our customers and suppliers by conveying integrity. Our people are our biggest and strongest resource. We are very proud of our team of dedicated, professional and expert employees. In our industry, we understand that decisions are critical to determining every single outcome. This is why it is imperative that our company has the right staff for each job.

Our clients do not have to wait on a decision made by one person in the company. We develop leadership in our employees. Our personnel is competent in implementing plans, offering honest opinions, making solid decisions and providing the expertise and experience that our reputation is built upon. We’d love for you to try several or all of our services:


Underground utilities

Lime stabilization

Dirt work

Concrete & Slab

Safety and responsibility

Our training and documentation programs either meet or exceed Texas OSHA and Federal OSHA standards. Ground Texas Construction understands the value of responsibility. On any task, our first objective is safety first. We work in an industry where there are many life-or-death situations. We save lives, time and money by properly training our employees. We take responsibility for all facets of our worker. We also proceed responsibly with:

Our scope of work


Quality of work

Environmental effects

Project schedule



We will never make a decision or take any action that will negatively affect your hard-earned money. This is where the right qualifications are paramount. Here at Ground Texas Construction, we place a priority how our qualifications are applied. It is not about who has the qualification, but how the qualifications work to your benefit. When our qualifications translate into your success and satisfaction, we know we’ve once again made the right decisions. Our trained crews now how to get the job done with OSHA training and certifications in:

Concrete power trowels




Power tools


Skip loaders

Some of our training topics include:

Fall protection

Troubleshooting in any situation

Job hazard training

Protective gear

Heat prevention

Cold weather protection

Proper procedures for concrete finishing

Carpentry skills


Proper procedure for concrete placement

Proper procedure for working with laser instruments


Our job is not done until you are satisfied. That is why at Ground Texas Construction we not only offer competitive pricing, but we also support it with high-quality service. We acknowledge that reputation is everything, and we are quite proud of our heritage.

Furthermore, at Ground Texas Construction, we are committed to providing the safest working environment in the industry. In fact, we are happy to be at the forefront of safety in the concrete construction industry. This is because we offer an award-winning safetly program that emphasizes employee responsibility. Not to mention, we aim to consistently improve and identify potential safety risks in order to create programs designed to decrease risks. This means our clients get a safer and more successful project result. Our safe working environments lead to employee retention and satisfied clientele. Ground Texas Construction is the company you can trust to take your project to the next level.


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