Lime Stabilization

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Construction can only begin when soils are suitable. If you have a wet site or poor structural soils, you need lime stabilization. Ground Texas Construction is an expert at lime stabilization and can work quickly to ensure your soils are suitable for construction. You certainly don’t want to waste time digging up mud and carting it away. Not only is that too expensive, but it is also disruptive. At Ground Texas construction, we’re here to help you meet your schedule!

What is lime stabilization?

By using lime, soils can be stabilized, dried and modified. Ground Texas Construction’s soil stabilization solutions improve the strength of subgrade, modify the soil properties and dry the soil to support compaction. We understand that the amount of lime that soil requires for stabilization varies between 2 to 10 percent of the soil. Our knowledge and background help us make the best decision so as not to add too much or too little lime. After our services, you’ll see the soil become more workable and the strength generally improved. In fact, lime stabilization can increase the strength up to 60 times.

How do we do it?


At Ground Texas Construction, we only use the best materials, supplies and equipment. For starters, we have custom-built spreader trucks to ensure accurate application rates while decreasing dust issues. In addition, we deliver the lime to job sites with pneumatic trucks that pump the materials into our custom-built spreaders. We have bags placed on top of our spreader trucks to let air escape while containing the material.

The lime is then spread at the proper application rate based on your soil type and soil conditions. We then add water to the mixture to enhance the reaction and create a dry, stable base. With our rolo-tillers, Ground Texas Construction ensures a uniform mixture up to 20 inches. After that, we compact and grade the soil to help it provide a sub-base for pavement construction. You can rest assured that your job can now proceed to completion regardless of weather conditions.

Benefits of lime stabilization

You might be wondering why we’re so proud of our experience in lime stabilization. Well, there are many reasons that may make you think twice about working on wet soil. For starters, you don’t want your structures to sink or not be level. This is where lime stabilization can help. Our services make the soil more workable. Not to mention, it is much stronger. Furthermore, we’ve seen lime stabilization work over and over on countless projects. You need a strong support for buildings, and that is exactly what lime stabilization provides. You can count on freeze-thaw resistance, long-term retention of strength improvements and an increase in CBR penetration resistance and resilient modulus stiffness.

You can trust Ground Texas Construction

At construction sites, wet, weak and fine grain soil can be a major challenge. Muddy sites make working conditions much more difficult. Furthermore, access is tough for construction vehicles. You can’t expect much pavement support and embankment/fill from wet and poorly compacted soil. When you lose time at a construction site, you lose money. That is why Ground Texas Construction uses lime stabilization to reduce soil plasticity, increase early strength and increase compaction. It also reduces the soil moisture content and swell potential.

It works by generating a long-term pozzolanic strength-gaining reaction between lime and the silica and alumina minerals solubilized at high pH from the clay, forming calcium silicates and calcium aluminates. Ground Texas Construction offers proven lime stabilization techniques throughout the Houston area. On all of our projects, we always work with a project engineer who accurately determines the exact amount of lime needed for stabilization. Call us today for a quote. You’ll be happy you did!

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