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One of the ways you may want to consider increasing the value of your home is through some really intensive landscaping whether it’s for a commercial property, or your own home, clearing out your yard and starting over may be the best thing to do.

You’d be amazed at how much a new look can raise your hone your home value by far more than you may realize! In order to make sure that your project finishes on time and how you envision it, it’s important that you have contractors that know how important earth work is. While many may think it’s ‘just dirt’ we know different! At Ground Texas Construction, we take dirt work seriously. Here’s just a sample of what we can do.

Land Clearing


Land clearing is what it says it is, in a very real sense. Before you do anything  to your yard you need to make sure it’s clear of  stumps, trees, brush, stones and other obstacles. Part o what makes any work of art great (and that’s your yard!) is having a clean slate to work with. We’re professionals at making sure there’s nothing from keeping you from having the perfect ‘blank canvas’ to work with.



Sometimes, you need to do a bit more work to the area than you may have first anticipated This is where excavation come into play, and you want the best of the best to help you out. This usually just means the removal of a large piece of earth so that you can make a basement or foundation. While this may seem fairly straightforward, because of the very real danger of a cave in, it’s best left up to professionals. That’s where we come in.

Site Development


When it comes to planning a new construction development out, site development is a crucial step. Whether its for a a comprehensive plan of where buildings will be placed, parking lots, trails, or other buildings, having a fully though-out, well planned idea is key. When you need to know exactly what goes where, to the millimeter, we can help you with no mistakes.


Having a pond on your property can add scenic as well as value in terms of a fishing hole, swimming destination or place to view wildlife can be a great pint of added value to your property.  However, most well trained contractors know that it’s not as simple as just digging a hole and adding water. When considering a pond, a lot of other intrinsic things need to be kept in mind including vegetation around the pond, the strength of the earth around the pond, and the ‘nuisance’ plants that can pip up like algae, duckweed, watermeal, cattails and milfoil. As you can tell, there’s much more to a pond than just digging in!

When it comes t having a major earthwork project done to your home or land space, it’s important that you have contractors that not only understand the earth that they’re working with, but how to best utilize it to work with the project you have in mind.

However, besides these three main services, Earthworks encompass laying of foundations for buildings and structures, the leveling of areas under development for building, and the removal of masses of earth in order to open up mineral deposits. Whatever your needs may be, we can help you move mountains if that’s what’s needed to make your plans a reality.

When it comes to hiring professionals for you earth moving needs, we at Ground Texas Construction have the skills, the knowledge, and the training to make your residential, commercial, or industrial dream into a reality.

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