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Concrete is everywhere; it’s used to create buildings, foundations, streets, sidewalks, and parking lots.  In fact, it’s such an integral part of our everyday lives it can be easily overlooked.  Yet, because it’s so easy to look past it, this is all the more reason to make sure that any concrete or slab work you have done is carefully planned out and professionally done so that it stands out and leaves an impression.

Though concrete itself is fairly basic – calcined lime and clays mixed with gravel and water – there are many different strengths, types, and compositions of concrete.  Knowing which one is best for the job at hand is essential, and not just for the durability, but for the looks as well! This is especially important when using concrete for a driveway, steps, or anything that enhances a home.  High-quality cement, careful pouring, and expert smoothing of finishing is crucial to having a driveway or patio that enhances the home and increases curb appeal.

At Ground Texas Construction, we use only premium cement for all our slab projects, which include parking lots, foundations, and driveways. For all of these projects, strength and durability are essential, and you want a professional you can trust to get it done right the first time to avoid any costly repairs down the road.  If you’re looking for trusted professionals to do the job right the first time, you’ve found them!  We stand behind the quality of our work, and whatever the job you need us for, guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results.

Parking Lots


It may appear that parking lots are one of the easiest things to build, but nothing could be further from the truth. A parking lot needs to level perfectly and use cement that can withstand the heavy foot traffic and weight of many cars sitting on it for prolonged periods of time. It also needs to be carefully planned out to include a slight slope to help drainage while not appearing to be off-kilter to those who use it.

While 90% of most parking lots are now paved with asphalt, concrete is a better choice.  It’s far more cost effective for bigger projects, lasts longer with minimal repairs needed over its life-cycle, and can stand up to years of really intense environmental exposure.  We have the experience to make the parking lot you need the right way with concrete, and ensure it lasts a lifetime.



The foundation of a building is an absolute necessity.  It’s the building block of the entire project, and no matter how beautiful the design of the building, it can be thrown off entirely by a poorly planned, or poured foundation.   It’s essential for the contractor to be aware of the environment the building is in, as well as what it’s used for.  There are three types of foundations, and you need a company that pays attention to the particular requirements of your building to make sure they’re pouring the right one;

A building that’s in an area where the ground freezes require a special mixture of concrete and a reinforced foundation that’s poured in a T-shape.  A heated structure that’s in a sector prone to frost needs a slab foundation that has added insulation It includes two sheets of rigid, polystyrene insulation; one sheet is positioned on the outside of the foundation wall while the other is laid flat on a bed of gravel at the base of it.  The last type of foundation is for buildings with no severe temperature changes or needs and is a fundamental slab-on-grade foundation that used metal rods and wire mesh to prevent cracking.


Driveways make one of the greatest first impressions when someone drives up to a home or office.  This is where it’s not only knowledge of the correct cement to use is handy, but a keen eye for aesthetics come into play.

Driveways can be straightforward and smooth, but cement can be dyed different colors, stamped with patterns, or even textured if you prefer.  Cement used on driveways should be able to maintain heavy traffic; chemicals used to wash cars or other projects, and be sealed correctly to withstand years of use and inclement weather.

Luckily, we’re pro’s at this and would love to come out and see how we can pour a driveway that will help increase the curb appeal of your home or office!

At Ground Texas Construction, we’re serious about cement and know that when it comes to completing a project perfectly, the right cement makes all the difference in the world.

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